About Us

MAITHIL SEVA SANSTHAN is a NGO working in the direction of providing a common platform to Maithil’s across India to come together and join hands for the betterment and strengthening of our language, culture and social values.

Quality Education and Financial Independence are indispensable for a happy and harmonious life; we understand that, and strive to support those in need of any kind of assistance for Education, be it financial or directional. We also provide financial assistance as well as shared market to setup and run enterprise related to Maithili culture

The journey started as a fundraising effort to help in treatment of a child suffering from cancer and undergoing treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. During the process it was realized that many such issue must be going unnoticed due to lack of knowledge and awareness regarding where to go and ask for help. It was thus decided to provide such platform where people from mithila can reach in time of distress or need.

MAITHIL SEVA SANSTHAN is formed on 15th August 2015 By a group of friends later registered as Non GovernmentOrganisation providing support & services in the field of Health, Education & Environment. Member of the organisation have a dream to eradicate problem from society for better tomorrow for human beings & other living creatures.

The Sansthan also believes that the only way to ensure a better future for poor people is by educating them and providing them job facility. That is because education & job is both the means as well as the end, it empowers these children and evolves them as better citizen.